Almería, Eden under the sea


The waters of the province of Almería conceal an underwater world of sublime richness. Off its coast, the Mediterranean marine life meets the Atlantic species of all kinds that live together in a spectacular amalgam of biodiversity, undoubtedly fed by the reserves and nature parks in the province. Lobsters, sunfish, rays, pollock and, if we are lucky, the odd visits from turtles, tunas and dolphins, make the enclave a magnificent spot for divers all year round.

Can you imagine going into the water in the sun and looking back over your shoulder at the snowy peaks of the Sierra de Gádor? On the Almeria coast you can. From Roquetas de Mar to Villaricos, Almeria offers choices for all types of divers, from technical diving to simple snorkelling. The sun shines 300 days a year, and diving centres across the province are open continuously. In the winter, the water temperature does not drop below 14ºC, so with good equipment, one-hour dives can be done without the uncomfortable cold.

From south to north, an ideal route for diving enthusiasts could begin in Roquetas de Mar. Its coast faces the Neptune Grass barrier reef Natural Monument, over 100 acres of pure marine biodiversity. The second point would be Entinas-Sabinar, an area full of congers and morays, and very well-preserved Neptune Grass. To the north is the Cabo de Gata Nature Park, the crown jewel of Almeria, which offers a range of attractions, from San Jose to Carboneras, through Los Escullos, the Isleta del Moro, las Negras and Aqua Amarga. Mojácar highlights the isle of San Andres, and Villaricos, for more experienced divers, offers 'La Catedral', an impressive natural monument 30 metres under the water.

Along the province’s 200 km of coastline, this underwater museum of biodiversity is developed in a sustainable balance thanks to each and every one of the centres operating there. Awareness and commitment to the environment are two basic pillars for those offering an exploration of the seabed in Almería.



Photos: Benjamín Bonura de la Torre (Aquatours Almería)

	Almería, Eden under the sea

	Almería, Eden under the sea

	Almería, Eden under the sea

	Almería, Eden under the sea

	Almería, Eden under the sea

	Almería, Eden under the sea


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